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Milk breakthrough that can keep it fresh in the fridge for 60 days offers lifeline to dairy farmers

A Queensland food technology company has patented a process it claims can keep 100 per cent natural milk fresh in the fridge for at least 60 days without additives or preservatives.

Naturo CEO Jeff Hastings has already developed technology to stop processed avocado turning brown using air pressure treatment. Now the company has made what Mr Hastings described as the biggest breakthrough in the $413 billion global dairy industry since pasteurisation in 1864.

It has taken five years to develop the new process, and it claims to differ markedly from what is already found on supermarket shelves.

“This is very different from long life milk. Long life is a UHT process, basically milk in a cardboard box,” Mr Hastings said. “Our technology has a long life but is very much fresh milk. That’s the distinctive difference there.”

The Queensland Government has already provided $250,000 towards developing Naturo’s milk processing technology. Mr Hastings said the company was seeking investment for a pilot plant in Australia capable of producing 10 million litres of milk per annum.

Source: Jul 4 | Innovation